Everything you know about Black Panther 2

This is a highly anticipated sequel to the Marvel Smash movie . Black panther became the ninth highest grossing movie of all time it was the top 10 films of 2018 by both the API and the National Board of review.

1.Ryan coogler is returning to write and direct the sequel

Ryan coogler the director of the first Black Panther who has been agreemented to write and direct the Sequel .He kicked off his directing career with the powerful black lives matter drama it fruitvate  station. He was killed in 2009 by white police officer.He also directed the first

2.We will see Chala grow king

T” Challa  becomes the king of wakanda as a child, so he is used to ruling his country.

NMC the character only just recently took Up The Throne following the death of his father. Symptoms of their development as a Munnar there are two type of character one of them is apple  and the other is Oranges.

3.Latitia wright will be back as Shuri

Letizia wright has signed to return as challa” younger sister Shuri in Black Panther 2.

Theme became a fan favourite following her Dabut in the original.Heart week bozeman

is also confirm play the role  of  Tchala.

4.Killmonger might not return Despite  the rumours

There have been  Rumors that killmonger return in the black panther After the death at the          end of the original film. Some fans felt that he did not deserve to die at the end of the first movie and his motivations we are justified.

5.Killmonger might return but not how  you would think

MCU  actors tends  to get when you ask them about upcoming staff because their contract the studio prohibit them from giving anything anyway but apparently they are cows have no such issues .When Angela Bassett was asked if all the black panther cast members would be returning for the sequel she said; I would say so. “The most recent rumors have suggested that killmonger wont return in the living world,but still appear in wakanda;s spiritual plane.

6.Black Panther villain shortlist is down to two choices

Reports are claiming that the search for Black Panther 2 villian has been narrowed down to two options.

8.Nick thought might happen in Black Panther 2

Samuel L Jackson has said that he is very eggar for nick Fury and Teer Chala to meet on screen which has it to happen Jackson has said that he asked Marvel to include Fury in the casino skin in the first Black Panther movie but they decide not to have their the promise that the two characters would meet at some stage in the future.

9.There will probably be a bunch more sequels after Black Panther 2

Chadwick  bossman was only signed on for five movies and he is already done code of them but thanks to the record shuttering 1.3 billion dollar gross of the first movie and the overwhelming public response to eat marble will probably want to keep him around for a while .

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